About us, MK Net.Work

Since 1995, MK Net.Work invents, develops, edits and supports innovative and robust software solutions for Microsoft and IBM/HCL email & collaboration platforms, and web browsers. Attach2Cloud is the latest addition to our porfolio.

MK Net.Work, an innovative software vendor you can trust

A very strong and powerful portfolio of proven software solutions

A strong software solution portfolio

Yes, MK Net.Work started in 1995! Not so many ISVs have been alive for so many years.

Coming from an age where mobile phones barely existed, smoking in planes was allowed and the first versions of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange were not even released, we have reinvented ourselves many times.

Like we do today with Attach2Cloud, and Modern Attachment Previewer we have always been able to invent, develop and edit innovative and unique software solutions improving and often transforming the way people work by making the impossible possible.

Since they do not require any user education, our software solutions maximize the ROI of messaging and collaboration platforms, instantly.

More about our portfolio of software solutions for Microsoft and IBM/HCL messaging & collaboration platforms and web browsers.

A fantastic international customer base

A fantastic customer base

With several millions of user licenses sold, our ZipMail and Z-OptimiZr software have allowed us to build a wide and international customer base including the largest Microsoft and IBM/HCL customers, as well as customers of all sizes, in all economic and technical sectors.

All of our software solutions, with no exception, provide innovative, concrete, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement and easy-to-maintain answers to key problematics encountered by this fantastic customer base, surfing on a permanent process of digital transformation.

All these customers, with whom we have the pleasure of working and exchanging ideas, some of them for more than 20 years, are a permanent and extremely stimulating source of inspiration.

This page offers us the opportunity to thank them for their renewed trust throughout all these years.

A quite unique technical expertise in developing, deploying and supporting Microsoft Outlook Add-ins

A unique technical expertise

Throughout this fantastic journey, that now covers a quarter of a century of digital transformation and innovation, we have never ceased to learn and to invent new, unique, truly innovative software solutions.

The quote from Arthur C. Clarke (2001 the Space Odyssey):
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
has guided our R&D efforts over all these years and remains our mantra today more than ever.

We have thus accumulated a quite unique technical expertise in developing, deploying and supporting MS Outlook, IBM/HCL Notes and browser add-ins, MS Exchange transport agents, IBM/HCL Domino server add-ins, SharePoint event handlers, Windows Explorer extensions, MS 365 Outlook web add-ins…

Make sure to contact us in case you have needs or ideas in this matter!

You will always find a friendly and experienced MK Net.Work support engineer to talk to.

Efficient & friendly tech support

The best software is nothing without an excellent technical support team able to maintain it, detect new needs and suggest improvements.

And the best technical support team is of no help with a software that has not been designed to be easily maintained and managed.

We know this from day one.

If it wasn’t the case, we would probably not be here to talk about this. 

Our support team is next door to the development team. Both teams communicate on a daily basis. This has been a proven plus for many years.

Although, for obvious efficiency reasons, we preferably manage to provide support by email, you will always find a friendly and experienced MK Net.Work support engineer to talk to at phone if needed.