6 demos of the full Outlook – OneDrive integration provided by Attach2Cloud.
See how Outlook users can now seamlessly upload their attached files to OneDrive, attach files of any size to their emails, send invitations to upload files on OneDrive, and more…

Full Outlook – OneDrive Integration

Attach2Cloud provides such a high level of Outlook – OneDrive integration that it revolutionizes the way Office 365 users upload and share files on OneDrive.

Outlook users do not have to do anything special to upload and share their Outlook attached files on OneDrive. No user education is needed, this is a key point.  

Suggestions to upload their attached files to OneDrive appear seamlessly and automatically, when they send their emails, offering them the opportunity, not only to upload their attached files to OneDrive, but also to specify OneDrive target folders, file sharing permissions and elapsing dates in a few clicks. 

Even more, they (or the OneDrive Admins) can define upload rules based on attached file sizes, types or email size, attach files (and folders as well) up to 15 GB (and soon, 100 GB (1)) unit size to their emails, and this without any email size limit, send invites to upload files to OneDrive in one single click

Thanks to the full Outlook – OneDrive integration provided by Attach2Cloud, Outlook is now, and by far, the fastest and easiest way to upload and share files on OneDrive!

Curious to know more? Here are 6 real-world usage cases showing why Attach2Cloud is really a game-changer in terms of Outlook – OneDrive integration:

(1) This 15 GB limit is the maximum allowed size of a OneDrive file.
Microsoft will increase it to 100 GB in 2020.

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